“2019 marks the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, who founded the Sikh faith at Nankana Sahib, Pakistan. Every Sikh dreams to follow Guru Nanak’s footsteps and explore the land where he grew up and spread his message of equality and oneness of humanity. Pakistani Punjab also holds memories for lot of people like me who grew up on stories from their grandparents. I was fortunate to get an opportunity to join a trip led by Jahandad Khan from Indus Heritage Club. Frankly speaking, I had lot of apprehensions and low expectations due to the image we have about this part of the world. Being an avid traveler, I love to research places I travel and want to explore not just the place but its’ culture, heritage and people. It was hard to find information about Pakistan, so I took a leap of faith and I am glad I did. Jahandad and his team blew away beyond my wildest expectations. The trip was professionally planned and very well executed. His team was super friendly, meticulous and always served with a smile. He was always available to answer every query we had before, during and after the trip. From applying for the visa to getting on our flight back, his team helped all the way. Not only, I got to visit the spiritual landmarks dear to very Sikh, but also explore the rich heritage that unites the people on both sides of Punjab. We were pleasantly surprised and delighted with numerous cultural performances rivaling the best professional artists that Indus Heritage Club hand selected. Jahandad’s grasp on Sikh history is second to none and he was able to eloquently answer questions about Sikh legacy in Pakistan. He also helped us to locate and plan a visit to ancestral village, where we had opportunity to meet some great folks and relive the stories of friendship from pre partition days. I’m glad that Jahandad and Indus heritage club were able to lift the veil and show us the true side of Lehnda Punjab. I consider this a sampler trip which had ignited my passion to head back and explore more. And I know for sure, I will rely on Jahandad and his team to plan my next trip!”

Amrinder Pal Singh

“I was on a Sikh Heritage Tour for ten days (Oct. 14-24, 2019) in Pakistan. The tour was organized by the Indus Heritage Club (IHC), whose founder, Jahandad Khan, led the tour. We visited most of the important Sikh Gurudwaras in Pakistan – Panja Shaib, Sucha Sauda, Nankana Sahib, and Kartarpur – along with some other interesting Gurudwaras. We also went to historical sites that are important to Sikhs and their history in Pakistan. IHC’s organization of the tour and the underlying logistical details were perfect. The IHC team looked after our every need and the inter- and intra-city transport was flawless. The hotel stays were in luxury hotels and even the stays at Nankana Sahib and Panja Sahib Gurudwaras were meticulously planned and the team provided clean bed linens and toiletries. When we were in secluded parts, the team provided picnic lunches that were superb. While the sites would have been of deep interest by themselves, IHC also arranged for a number of “surprise” cultural events – from poetry recitals, to a very entertaining cultural evening at a private house, to ghazal singing, to a visit to a fascinating private collection of Mahara Ranjit Singh’s possessions, to folk dancing and singing, and to qawwals at the shrines of Baba Bullay Shah and Baba Farid. I cannot laud IHC and Jahandad Khan enough for, beyond the above, they went out of their way to accommodate my desire to locate and visit my ancestral village near Kartarpur. The driver and guide, Waqar Bhai, took me straight to the village of Veeram Dattan in a comfortable car, pointing out interesting places on the way. Thank you Jahandad and the IHC team for a very memorable visit to Pakistan.”

Ajit Singh Dutta

My experience in Pakistan was nothing short of amazing! The history and legacy the Sikhs have in Pakistan is unbelievable, from Nankana Sahib to Kartarpur Sahib to the walled city of Lahore and even in Harappa. I remember growing up reading about Sikh history and hearing about Panja Sahib and Lahore fort and the grandeur of Ranjit Singh’s empire, but to visit and experience these sites in person is something I will never forget. However, even with all of that, the most amazing thing about Pakistan was the people! I was absolutely blown away by the hospitality we received. Everywhere we went we were shown incredible amounts of love and respect. Visiting Pakistan was truly a trip of a lifetime! The cannot thank the Indus Heritage Club and Jahandad Khan enough for putting together such a wonderful and diverse itinerary!”

Inderjit Singh Takhar

Stanford University, USA
“I have taken at least 10 guided tours by various international organizations . None come anywhere close to the experience we had on this trip. We got a warm welcome from the people of Pakistan; many of them wanted to take a picture with us, and we never felt unsafe. Some of the highlights of this trip for me were: -warm welcome by the locals -touring historical sites for all religions -enjoying the local art and culture -fabulous shopping -most importantly the keen attention given by Indus Heritage Club to each and everyone of us, whatever our needs were, e.g. doctor, meds, or even supporting anybody who needed help walking. I strongly urge everyone to take this tour and learn about the great heritage and culture we left behind in West Punjab”

Mani Arora and Pritinder Singh Arora

Sikh Foundation, USA
“The Sikh Heritage tour arranged by Indus Heritage Club is outstanding. The visits to the Gurdwaras, the historical sites and the cultural activities included were beyond anything we expected. The staff and the security provided was the best, not to mention the food. Indus Heritage Club’s extensive knowledge of the cultural and religious history of the sites we visited was more than we could get from reading half a dozen books. Travel was very comfortable and all overnight stays were well planned. The cultural activities arranged were so varied & covered so many different aspects: Music, education, historical monuments, libraries, museums and other famous landmarks. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a Sikh heritage and cultural tour to Punjab in Pakistan. Only regret was not enough time to cover some of our ancestral areas”

Rose Khurana & Iqbal Singh Khurana

California, USA